The Puggle: December 2018 edition

Before we head off for some holiday cheer
We have one last Puggle to (w)rap up the year.

In March, when we welcomed Erin onboard,
Our team of three grew to a team of four.
Together we laid out a new strategic plan.
Educate girls? You bet we can!

We focused on moments that matter for girls:
The earliest years determine how life unfurls.
We made new grants to advance early learning and care
With program designs that are gender-aware.

Adolescence at its essence puts girls under stress.
What skills and mindsets help them navigate success?
We gathered bright minds at Berkeley to tackle these questions
And hosted foundation peers to learn even more lessons.

How can the best ideas for girls take root and thrive?
Leaders like the Echidna Scholars bring ideas alive
From China to Pakistan to Uganda and Peru.
Alumni from India and Malawi were featured by Michelle Obama, too!

Read more about our work on our newly-launched website.
May your holidays be merry and bright!