Transforming Education through African-Led Research and Solutions

/ April 17, 2023

This report summarizes key insights from The Forum for Education Research in/for/by Africa to understand what it would take to shift power to African-led and African-based education researchers given the systemic power and funding differentials that structurally disadvantage the African research system. The Forum – which was convened by chidna Giving, Imaginable Futures, the Bill […]

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Policies and interventions to remove gender‐related barriers to girls’ school participation and learning in LMICs: A systematic review of the evidence

/ March 24, 2022

In this systematic review, Population Council assesses evidence from 82 experimental and quasi-experimental studies of programs designed to address gender-related barriers to schooling. While some promising interventions were identified, there are significant knowledge gaps on how to address gender-related barriers that continue to prevent girls from enrolling, attending, and learning in school.

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Gender Transformative Education: reimagining Education for a more just and inclusive world

/ December 16, 2021

This brief details the merits of Gender Transformative Education and outlines actionable steps to make progress towards this transformation of our current education system.

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EGER: Girls’ Education Road Map

/ December 9, 2020

A Road Map for Girls’ Education, developed in partnership with Population Council. The report reviews thousands of studies and assesses hundreds of organizations working across dozens of countries, providing a comprehensive view of what is happening in the sector and how that aligns (or not) with evidence of what works and needs on the ground.

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Evidence for Gender and Education Resource

/ April 22, 2020

This is a searchable, interactive database to help the gender and education community make informed decisions about their programming and investments.

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How to Strengthen Implementation of Delhi’s Entrepreneurship Mindsets Curriculum

/ March 10, 2020

Results of a process evaluation of the Delhi government’s Entrepreneurship Mindsets Curriculum, which rolled out across secondary schools in 2019.

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Gender Gaps in Education: The Long View

/ January 24, 2020

This paper uses data from 126 countries to document trends in achieving gender equality in and through education between 1960 and 2010.

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Tools for Selecting & Aligning International Frameworks for Social, Emotional, and Related Skills

/ January 24, 2020

This brief provides an overview of global and international frameworks for social, emotional, and related skills. It provides an overview of the Taxonomy Project and how its set of online tools help to connect and compare frameworks.

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Echidna Global Scholars Program Evaluation

/ December 18, 2019

This document provides an overview of key findings and recommendations from an evaluation of the Echidna Global Scholars Program at the Brookings Institution.

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Building Youth Life Skills: Lessons Learned on How to Design, Implement, Assess, and Scale Successful Programming

/ July 31, 2019

A study of 18 projects under the Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education, uncovering actionable lessons on how to design, implement, assess, and scale-up youth life skills programming.

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