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March 2024

/ The Puggle / March 28, 2024

In March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Alongside the celebration come lots of reflections on how well the world is progressing towards gender equality. As we read the various data — like these five charts on gender (in)equality around the world from the World Bank — the first thing that stood out to us is […]

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February 2024

/ The Puggle / March 15, 2024

2024 may be a Leap Year, but the recent G7 Girls’ Education Global Objectives update finds that we are not leaping forward on girls’ education. More, not fewer, girls are out of school — in part because of the Taliban’s devastating decision to ban girls from secondary school in Afghanistan, but even without this setback, […]

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November 2018

/ The Puggle / December 14, 2018

What’s social and emotional learning got to do with it?

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September 2018

/ The Puggle / October 4, 2018

Three themes on girls’ education from UNGA

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August 2018

/ The Puggle / September 4, 2018

Before we get to our usual Puggle updates, we have a favor to ask.

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