March 2024

/ The Puggle / March 28, 2024

In March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Alongside the celebration come lots of reflections on how well the world is progressing towards gender equality. As we read the various data — like these five charts on gender (in)equality around the world from the World Bank — the first thing that stood out to us is […]

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February 2024

/ The Puggle / March 15, 2024

2024 may be a Leap Year, but the recent G7 Girls’ Education Global Objectives update finds that we are not leaping forward on girls’ education. More, not fewer, girls are out of school — in part because of the Taliban’s devastating decision to ban girls from secondary school in Afghanistan, but even without this setback, […]

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December 2023

/ The Puggle / December 19, 2023

As we wind up the year with shorter days here in the Northern Hemisphere and wars occurring in pockets of the world, we are reminded of the urgency of working towards greater freedom, justice, and peace for all. We are also revisiting some of the trends of 2023 in search of bright spots. Inspired by […]

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October 2023

/ The Puggle / November 20, 2023

In celebration of the first-ever International Day of Care and Support, our October Puggle focuses on why care matters for girls’ education work. We also celebrate Claudia Goldin’s landmark Nobel Economics Prize award — she is only the third woman to receive this award and the very first not to share it with male colleagues.  […]

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September 2023

/ The Puggle / October 19, 2023

Our last post showed how many milestones we have to celebrate when it comes to girls’ education outcomes and highlighted the areas where we need to focus our work going forward. This month we confirm the progress that has been made, validating decades of work by girls’ education champions. However, as we discussed last month […]

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July & August 2023

/ The Puggle / August 30, 2023

The Global Education Monitoring Report was released in July. It finds that “In recent decades, progress on girls’ education access and completion has been one of the main achievements in equality in education,” noting that “all regions have achieved gender parity in education except sub-Saharan Africa, where there are 90 girls enrolled for every 100 […]

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June 2023

/ The Puggle / July 18, 2023

June was jam-packed with new data on the global state of gender equity. The month kicked off with the UN Development Programme’s (UNDP) second update to the Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI), which found that 88.69% of adults still hold at least one inequitable gender bias — and that the majority hold multiple. Soon after, […]

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May 2023

/ The Puggle / June 9, 2023

In May, the Global Education Evidence Advisory Panel released a new report on Cost-effective approaches to improve global learning, an update to their first report in 2020. “Over 400 additional high-quality evaluation studies” were reviewed for the latest report, including additional intervention categories: “health and nutrition interventions delivered through schools that could impact education outcomes, […]

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April 2023

/ The Puggle / May 16, 2023

Apparently we missed International SEL Day in March (there’s a day for everything!!) but that’s not going to stop us from focusing our April Puggle on the latest and greatest in research and tools on life skills and social and emotional learning. First up, a group of funders (Porticus, LEGO Foundation, and the Jacobs Foundation) […]

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March 2023

/ The Puggle / April 12, 2023

March started out with terrifying reports of schoolgirls in Iran being poisoned by toxic gas — yet another example of threats against girls’ education (which wars of the past have done little to solve). Meanwhile, nearly a quarter of schools in Burkina Faso have been closed due to violence in the region.  But this widespread […]

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