April 2024

/ The Puggle / May 21, 2024

April relentlessly reminded us that we live in an era of intensifying polycrisis: pandemic(s), war(s), climate disaster(s), increasing displacement, and rising food insecurity… Even the adults are worried. How, then, must children feel, growing up more aware than ever of the instability characterizing this world that is ultimately theirs to inherit? There is growing consensus […]

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February 2024

/ The Puggle / March 15, 2024

2024 may be a Leap Year, but the recent G7 Girls’ Education Global Objectives update finds that we are not leaping forward on girls’ education. More, not fewer, girls are out of school — in part because of the Taliban’s devastating decision to ban girls from secondary school in Afghanistan, but even without this setback, […]

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October 2023

/ The Puggle / November 20, 2023

In celebration of the first-ever International Day of Care and Support, our October Puggle focuses on why care matters for girls’ education work. We also celebrate Claudia Goldin’s landmark Nobel Economics Prize award — she is only the third woman to receive this award and the very first not to share it with male colleagues.  […]

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June 2023

/ The Puggle / July 18, 2023

June was jam-packed with new data on the global state of gender equity. The month kicked off with the UN Development Programme’s (UNDP) second update to the Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI), which found that 88.69% of adults still hold at least one inequitable gender bias — and that the majority hold multiple. Soon after, […]

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February 2023

/ The Puggle / March 13, 2023

In February, researchers in the gender and education space coalesced to identify persisting gaps in our collective knowledge on girls’ education; gaps that, if filled, could significantly advance the girls’ education field as a whole. A common, addressable trend underlies all five gaps: paucity of representative data. Below, we share two straightforward ways to support […]

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December 2022

/ The Puggle / December 20, 2022

For our final Puggle of the year, we center the voices and hopes of girls themselves to hear what they dream for their future education. May we all continue to help make their wishes come true in the year ahead. As you read the wishes of girls’ below, keep this festive tune in mind to […]

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September 2022

/ The Puggle / October 13, 2022

In the September Puggle, we reflect on the landmark United Nation’s Transforming Education Summit (TES). We celebrate the work of many actors — including you, our readers — for securing collective acknowledgement that education is not a soft topic to be underfunded, or sidelined as has been the practice of the past. We then couple […]

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