January 2018

/ The Puggle / February 8, 2018

This month, champions spoke up for girls: Oprah made a rousing speech about a future in which

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December 2017

/ The Puggle / December 18, 2017

This month we are keeping it short and sweet. In the spirit of the holidays

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November 2017

/ The Puggle / December 4, 2017

This month we are excited to share a piece we published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review about

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October 2017

/ The Puggle / October 31, 2017

Echidna Giving team highlights emerging issues and findings related to girls’ education.

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September 2017

/ The Puggle / October 10, 2017

This month the World Bank released the World Development Report (WDR). For the first time in

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August 2017

/ The Puggle / October 10, 2017

August offered plenty of great material, including a collection of essays from the Center fo

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July 2017

/ The Puggle / August 9, 2017

There is a notion that things slow down during the summer months as people take holidays and spend time with their families

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June 2017

/ The Puggle / July 10, 2017

Welcome to the June installment of The Puggle, your source for the emerging issues and findings related to girls’ education that the Echidna Giving team has come across this month! As we enter the long hot days of summer and reflect on Father’s Day, it seemed appropriate that this edition cover how girls’ education and […]

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May 2017

/ The Puggle / June 7, 2017

In May, the Center For Universal Education (CUE) and the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI)

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April 2017

/ The Puggle / May 3, 2017

In April, the World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings served as a catalyst for

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