February 2022

/ The Puggle / March 15, 2022

It is hard to know where to start our update on girls’ education this month. Our hearts go out to everyone suffering from ongoing turmoil and conflict around the world, including the most recent conflict in Ukraine. This month, Malala Yousafzai was The Economist’s first ever guest editor. She shares her thoughts on the importance […]

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January 2022

/ The Puggle / February 4, 2022

Welcome to 2022! Our fervent wish for the year is that schools reopen and stay open — a resolution that more and more school systems seem to be making and sticking to — and make concerted efforts to get girls back to school and to regain ground for “Covid’s Lost Girls.” So what’s the state […]

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December 2021

/ The Puggle / December 15, 2021

2021 was a rollercoaster. Looking back at all that happened this year, it is hard to capture the ups and downs in words. So hard, in fact, that instead we’ve tried to capture it in song. For our wrap-up of the year, this playlist exemplifies 2021’s ups and downs of girls’ education. The year started […]

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November 2021

/ The Puggle / December 8, 2021

If you’re looking for some holiday cheer, I’m afraid you won’t find it in the November edition of the Puggle. But if you’re looking for some concrete data and evidence on which to plan for the year ahead, look no further. This month’s post highlights the latest research on the impact of COVID on girls’ […]

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October 2021

/ The Puggle / November 16, 2021

How has COVID-19 impacted girls’ education? How can we mitigate that impact? In early October, UNESCO published a new study called  When Schools Shut: Gendered impacts of COVID-19 school closures. It outlines the gender-specific effects of COVID and calls for the education community to attend to these effects in policies and program delivery. Among other […]

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September 2021

/ The Puggle / October 13, 2021

This month we are mourning the loss of Echidna Giving advisor and friend, Girindre Beeharry. Girin was on our advisory board since we founded it in 2016. As our founders, Craig and Mary, expressed, “He brought a hard head for data and evidence, an open curiosity for thinking outside the box, and a kind heart. […]

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August 2021

/ The Puggle / August 30, 2021

From the month of August we feature the awesome, the awful, and the work that awaits. Read on for a lighter-than-usual Puggle, but issues as urgent now as ever. From the awesome… Did you catch the exhilarating performance of the Indian women’s field hockey team at the Olympics in Tokyo? Even if you missed it, […]

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July 2021

/ The Puggle / August 10, 2021

July has been another difficult month in the arc of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on school systems. The Delta variant continues to surge and has led to continued and renewed school closures in many countries. Simultaneously, evidence continues to pour in underscoring just how devastating these school closures have been for the world’s […]

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June 2021

/ The Puggle / July 9, 2021

This month we have been tracking with concern how rapidly a third wave of the coronavirus is spreading across Africa given the limited vaccine availability in African countries. The virus is straining health systems and driving stringent new lockdowns and school closures. Our thoughts go out to all our partners and communities suffering the results […]

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May 2021

/ The Puggle / June 7, 2021

If you have time for just one link this month, treat yourself to this series of essays in response to Girin Beeharry’s Manifesto for Global Education. You’ll get 20 thoughtful takes on whether and how the education sector should focus its efforts, particularly around foundational literacy and numeracy, to make progress against the sustainable development […]

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