February 2019

/ The Puggle / March 13, 2019

Girls’ education got attention from the Academy when “Period. End of Sentence” won an Oscar for documentary short. “A period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education,” the filmmakers implore. While we couldn’t agree more with the sentiment, unfortunately sanitary pads are far from sufficient for giving girls an education (if they make a […]

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January 2019

/ The Puggle / February 11, 2019

Ed quality in 3 charts, a new teacher observation tool, and how early childhood education benefits moms

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Why Site Visits Matter and What We Expect

/ Insights / January 16, 2019

In 2019, our team will spend considerable time and effort to visit programs and organizations will spend considerable time and effort to host us. What makes this year different from the past is the guidance below, which we plan to share in advance of every site visit.

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December 2018

/ The Puggle / December 19, 2018

2018 Is A (W)rap

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November 2018

/ The Puggle / December 14, 2018

What’s social and emotional learning got to do with it?

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October 2018

/ The Puggle / November 16, 2018

Obama’s Global Girls Alliance, The Human Campital Index, and India’s Teen Age Girls Report

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September 2018

/ The Puggle / October 4, 2018

Three themes on girls’ education from UNGA

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August 2018

/ The Puggle / September 4, 2018

Before we get to our usual Puggle updates, we have a favor to ask.

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July 2018

/ The Puggle / August 7, 2018

We’re at the peak of vacation season in the Northern Hemisphere. As photos of happy

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June 2018

/ The Puggle / July 9, 2018

The G7 summit in Canada in early June catalyzed a $3 billion

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